Our values

PMI Métallurgie is, above all, the story of men and women who are united behind the values of quality and trust.

We care about getting the job done well, creating proximity with our clients, and having the ability to adapt. Our versatility and the strong ties we have built with our clients and suppliers over the course of 3 generations have given PMI Métallurgie a solid foundation from which we can adapt and continue to transmit the values we hold dear.

Take for example Celine. She was 18 years old when she started her first job at PMI in 1966, only to leave in 2008 for retirement.

PMI has provided assistance to a wide range of customers and for many years:

Flash back to the 1960s to that small business endeavour working in the furniture sector. This company started out with fewer than 10 people on board and saw in PMI a genuine partner for the production of its metal parts.

Throughout the changing times, difficulties, and developments in the sector and in international markets, this same furniture company continues to rely on PMI to help it expand. Today it has over 1000 employees located all over the globe.