A family story

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The history of PMI: a family story.

In 1952, in the Glorious Thirty, André LE GUYADER, born in Pontivy, started to produce and sell turned, punched and stamped metal parts with a group of friends. 

He expanded his business and in 1961 established the company P.M.I. Métallurgie.

He was helped by his wife Michèle LE GUYADER who handled the administrative tasks.

We work in a variety of sectors ranging from automotive and furniture to military armament and electricity.

PMI is constantly building its client base as new needs emerge:

"I need your insert to be welded to my bended bracket. Do you know someone who could manufacture the complete assembly?"

"Mr. Le Guyader, do you know of any paint facilties in your area?"


Over time, the company acquired new technical know-how in areas such as bending, welding and painting.
It expanded into new markets and added new customers to its portfolio. In 1973, tube bending was introduced into the company.

In 1977, Didier Le Guyader, the eldest son of André le Guyader, joined the company and began his training to discover all the facets of the business.
He was joined 5 years later by his brother Alain Le Guyader.

With the addition of sectors such as retail and advertising, the company naturally started up activities in wire bending.

Didier le Guyader and Alain Le Guyader expanded their portfolios and became shareholders of PMI Métallurgie in 1980. 

By that time PMI Métallurgie was well-known in the furniture and audiovisual sector and started to manufacture metal frames and cases for printers and TV stands.

The effervescence of the 1990s saw the opening of the Opio Club Méditerranée spearheaded by Mr Serge TRIGANO. Christmas was nearing and PMI had promised to deliver a full truckload of metallic chairs for his restaurant, exactly 7 days before the grand opening. The manufacturing had finished on time and the truck had been loaded, so it set off to make its delivery. It crossed several peaks in the Tarentaise Valley in the heart of the French Alps before the driver had to stop and put some chains on the wheels. The truck continued its journey, and less than two kilometers from its delivery destination, all of a sudden, the chains broke. However, the driver was determined and so decided to push on anyway to make his delivery. At only 400 meters from the Club des Menuires, one of the wheels skidded off the road and the truck got stuck in the snow. Mr. Didier Le Guyader and his colleague Manuel De Sousa came to the rescue. They carried the chairs one by one with snow up to their knees all the way to the entrance of the hotel. They finished the delivery that same day, just as night was falling.

PMI Métallurgie was once again selected to manufacture outdoor chairs and tables for the new location of OPIO Club Méditeranée in the French department of Alpes Maritimes. PMI had to deliver 1500 tables and chairs in 5 days for a total of 7 full truckloads measuring 120m². Their assignment was once again a success.

PMI Métallurgie increased their production of components and assemblies for the construction, water treatment and bedding sectors.

Through several purchasing centres in France and Germany, PMI Métallurgie supplied an impressive amount of audiovisual furniture to schools and institutes. The furniture and bedding sector trusted PMI Métallurgie as a valuable partner and thus awarded it with many contracts for the production of assemblies and sub-assemblies.

PMI Métallurgie started to manufacture small-sized parts by using the techniques of plastic injection and aluminium die casting.

In 2005, it was Sébastien Le Guyader's turn to join the company. The son of Didier Le Guyader and nephew of Alain Le Guyader, he started his training that year and followed the same path towards discovering all the facets of the business.

The company expanded in the medical equipment, food processing and pharmaceutical sectors.

Plastic injection and aluminium die casting for small-sized parts and low batches began to gain speed. 


PMI expanded its export portfolios.

More and more prestigious retailers and industrial companies began to subcontract to PMI the manufacturing of their components, sub-assemblies and assemblies.

In 2019, Sébastien Le Guyader become a shareholder of the company. 

Recognized in the medical equipment market, PMI manufactures a wide range of accessories, assemblies, and finished products for hospitals, clinics, homecares and medical distributors.